Two words you probably thought you would never see together…

I always used to joke about how even if there was nuclear war going on outside the casino would still be open. Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, 9/11; casino open for business. But now nearly every casino in the world is shutdown due to the corona virus pandemic.

Because of all of the negative news and fear circling the globe I decided to write some positive things the corona virus closing casinos has done for gamblers thus far.

If Nobody’s Gambling, Nobody’s Losing Money

Global gambling revenue in 2019 was $152.1 billion dollars. Divide this by 365 and get $416.7 million. Not all casinos were shutdown at the same time. Some of them closed down on their own because it was the right thing to do, and some of them were forced to shutdown by the gaming board or the governor of their state. In any case most of them were shutdown around March 16. I’m writing this post on 3/24/20 so if you do the math so far the corona virus has saved gamblers $3,750,410,958.90 and counting.

Corona Virus Has Cured Gambling Addiction

According to the International Center for Responsible Gaming up to 15% of all casino revenue comes from people that have a gambling problem. Those people have been forced to stop cold turkey by the corona virus. Hopefully they can use this time to reconnect with their friends and families and find some new hobbies. Most likely when this is over and things go back to normal they will resume their gambling, but at least they had some time to sit and reflect about how they choose to live their lives and what’s really important.

The Majority of Brick-and-Mortar Gamblers are Old

The largest percentage of visitors to brick and mortar casinos were in the age group of 65 and older. This age group is the most vulnerable to the corona virus. They have a 1 in 7 chance of death after contracting the corona virus so the last thing anyone wants is a bunch of old people rubbing filthy slot machines all day.

You Can Still Gamble Online Can’t You?

This is true in many states. Online gambling revenue is likely to soar during this time because everyone is trapped in their house with nothing to do. No work, nowhere to go, free checks coming in the mail soon from Trump. Why not just gamble on the internet?

This is a sad but probably true reality. When people develop addictions they usually find a way to get their fix. The good thing for humanity is the majority of brick-and-mortar casino players don’t like to play online or don’t know how to.

Stay home, keep saving, and when the Chinese virus is defeated use all the money you saved and take a nice vacation to Wuhan! (The Chicago of China :))