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Legal Online Sports Betting FAQ

On May 14th Supreme Court struck down PASPA federal law that was restricting sports betting for over 26 years across the US.  The law used to prohibit single sports wagering anywhere in the US except Nevada. The State of New Jersey has filed an appeal in 2014 and after a 4-year debate, the state turned out to be victorious. Partially, New Jersey has already prepared legislation regarding sports betting rules within the state and experts expect to see legal sports betting as soon as this summer meanwhile, Monmouth Park(famous for thoroughbred horse racing in NJ) announcing that the establishment will be ready to take bets by May 28th. Nevertheless, the entire framework for the industry is yet to be delivered. Below you can find an answer to popular questions regarding New Jersey’s sports betting.

What are the latest NJ sports betting news?

Recently US Supreme court ruled unconstitutional a federal law that banned sports betting outside of Nevada allowing New Jersey and other states to decide on the legal status of sports betting. Meanwhile, many politicians and entrepreneurs pronounced to launch sports betting as soon as possible, Monmouth Park speakers has announced that their facility will be ready to accept agers by May 28th. Nevertheless, NJ Senates’ President told the racetrack to hold off their efforts.

Is online sports betting legal in New Jersey?

Currently, online sports betting is not regulated by the state of NJ and there are no laws that prohibit NJ residents and visitors to bet online. There are multiple offshore betting websites that operate within the borders of the state however, our team does not recommend to engage in any business with them. Many of them are well known for numerous ripoffs and scams.

Is there sports betting in Atlantic City?

Not yet, but according to the law, Atlantic City casinos will be able to offer land-based sportsbook facilities. Also, racing tracks will be another place where people will be able to legally bet on sports.

What are the states with legal sports betting?

Until a recent Supreme Court Decision, Nevada was the only state where you could legally place bets on sports. After PASPA was ruled to be unconstitutional, 4 states joined Nevada in the legal zone: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Mississippi.

Where is sports betting legal in the US? What are the local regulations?

Each state has its own areas designated for legal sports betting. Nevada allows sports betting online over the computer and via mobile apps. Also, sports betting is legal in a number of approved land-based sportsbook sights. The 4 states that joined the legal family after PASPA was struck down follows similar laws. For example, NJ sports betting bill allows wagering online via computer or mobile app and at licensed land-based betting establishments.

How to bet on sports online legally?

Currently, you have to be located within the borders of Nevada in order to bet on sports legally online. However, this is soon to be changed as New Jersey is building a framework for the industry that will regulate online sports betting for the community.

What are the latest online sports betting news in NJ?

Even though PASPA specifically focuses on sports betting it did not provide a specific framework for online sports betting. Considering the success of online gambling industry, politicians will be looking forward to start with online sports betting as soon as possible, meaning that it is only the matter of time when we will see legal New Jerseys’ online gambling websites.

Who wants to legalize sports betting in NJ?

With support among many notorious businesses and politicians NJ looks like a forerunner in the industry. Earlier this month William Hill’s  CEO saying that sports betting can launch in weeks, while the owner of Ocean Resorts Casino( Atlantic City’s new casino that is coming to replace Revel in 2018) stated that he wants to operate the best sports book in the state. New Jersey former governor, Chris Christie’s has been a strong supporter of sports gambling legalization and online casino gambling regulation.

What is the status of NJ horse race betting?

Even though New Jersey is home to many famous horse racing tracks like Monmouth Park and Meadowlands, horse race betting was illegal anywhere outside of Nevada. As PASPA was deemed unconstitutional, many racing tracks stated their desire to provide race betting options.

What are the details of  New Jersey sports gambling law?

The bill was introduced in 2018 in order to replace a 2014 law that created an unregulated sports betting environment. The new law puts the power over sports betting regulation in the hands of NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement. Allows sports betting at AC casinos, racetracks and online via computers or mobile apps. Also, it bans any wagering on college sport( NJ schools only) and puts an 8% tax on revenue made from sports betting at land-based locations and 12.5% tax on revenue from online sports wagering.

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