Governor Wolf

Pennsylvania Officially Legalizes Online Gambling

Pennsylvania officially becomes 4th state to legalize online gambling.
Earlier today, AP Reporter Marc Levy twitted that Governor Wolf has signed H 271 bill. A bill which legalizes online gambling within the borders of Pennsylvania.








Within a week Pennsylvania legislators passed a bill that has been going around the circles of Pennsylvania legislative chambers for the last 4 years. Earlier, last week, PA House of Representative passed H 271 bill following PA Senate passing the bill as well.

Pennsylvania is a 4th state in the country to officially legalize online gambling following, Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

The bill, is considered to be a huge expansion to PA gambling industry. While there is criticism from many PA Senators, the new legislature is supposed to bring in approximately $100 million to the state budget when selling online gambling license fees and even more from taxing online gambling profits.

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Follow the link to read a fiscal note of H 271 bill.

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