Monopoly Plus Slots Game Rules

Investing in Boardwalk and Park Place? Buying up Mediterranean Ave and Baltic Ave and setting up all sorts of properties on the land? Whatever your preference, most people have their own strategy when it comes to playing Monopoly! And now you can strategize about the beloved game as you play it in slot form in Monopoly Plus! But if you have never been very good at plotting tactical manoeuvres on the game board, fear not, because this slot game is more about your luck than your knowledge of real estate! With fun themed graphics and lots of different bonus features, this game is enjoyable and lucrative!

Monopoly Plus Slot Game Info

  • Reels: 5
  • Lines: 30 Game
  • Features: Board Bonus, Mystery Bonus, Level Up Plus
  • Scatter Symbol: Special Dice
  • Game Developer: IGT

Mystery Wild Bonus
Betfair Casino
One of the best features of Monopoly Plus is the Mystery Wild Bonus. As the name suggests, it is a complete mystery as to when this bonus will occur and it can happen after any random spin whether it was winning or not! The only stipulation is that there must be no Monopoly Plus Logo or Board Bonus symbols on the reels. When this round is activated, the affable Mr. Monopoly will appear on the screen and bounce among the reels, randomly turning them into Wilds. If he decides to turn all of the reels into fully-wild the player will be in for some amazing prizes!!

Board Bonus Whenever Board symbols appear at the same time on the first, third, and fifth reels the Board Bonus round will be automatically triggered. The player must first select one of the Board symbols and they will find out how many rolls of the dice they have one. The player will then choose a ‘Lucky Mover’ object and the bonus round will really begin. This feature is like a game of the board game Monopoly as the player rolls the dice and moves forward accordingly. The player continues for however many rolls they won when they selected a board symbols and the different bonus prizes are as follows:

Property Bonus – When a player lands on a property, he or she will be able to take one spin on a mini slot machine, which awards money and extra dice rolls. The further along the board you get, the greater the prizes are!

  • Utility Bonus – Whenever a player lands on a utility square on the board they will get a chance to roll the Utility Dice once. The greater the sum of the dice, the better the payout for the player! If the player rolls doubles, they get an extra roll!
  • Chance/Community Chest Bonus: When a player lands on one of these squares, they will receive a card that could move them to a property, utility, or the Go Square, as well as be awarded cash or extra rolls. But be careful as one of these cards might send you to Jail!
  • Railroad Bonus: Landing on a railroad advances the player to the next railroad square and awards him or her with an extra roll.
  • Free Parking Bonus: Landing on this square awards the player with an extra roll.
  • Jail Bonus: If the player is sent to jail, they have an opportunity to play the jail bonus. In this round, the player attempts three times to roll doubles to get out of jail. If he or she gets doubles on all three rolls, he or she leaves jail and gets a special prize! Go Bonus: If the player manages to pass.
  • Go, he or she wins a multiplier of x200!