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The Virgin Casino is an online casino that often entertains residents of New Jersey, as the state has recently made online gambling legal. Players now flock to the Virgin Casino for its great selection of games and to take advantage of exciting programs that reward them for being a member of the casino.

Signing up for a membership is free and when players open their casino account and make a deposit of anywhere from $10 to $100 the casino matches the amount deposited. Players can then get started enjoying the casino’s slot machine games and table games. There are many slot machine games to choose from including games with themes such as Monopoly, Star Trek, Battleship and Ghostbusters. Players can watch a demo of any of the casino’s slot machine games before deciding whether or not to play it. The table games offered are Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker.

Virgin Casino New Jersey

When players sign up for an account with the Virgin Casino and place their first deposit of at least $10 they can get real cash back from the casino. A player that wagers their first deposit on the casino’s games and walks away without winning anything the casino will give them their deposit back up to $100. This means that, for example, if a new player’s first deposit is $50 and they lose the entire $50 they will get it back from the casino and be able to withdraw the money from their account if they choose to, rather than having to simply gamble it away again. The first deposit must be wagered and lost within seven days of a new player joining the casino.

The Virgin Casino runs a Community Jackpot that gives their players the opportunity to win large amounts of money. A Community Jackpot can be unlocked by any player. All they have to do is play one of the casino’s games using real money and watch out for a specific key to appear on their screen above the game bar. When a player clicks on that key they have the potential to unlock the Community Jackpot and may even win money as a result. Winning a part of the Community Jackpot simply requires players to wager real money on any of the casino’s games. If a jackpot is then unlocked each player who wagered real money wins even if they are not logged into the casino when the unlocking takes place. Players must have bet real money on one of the casino’s games within an hour before the jackpot is unlocked.

There are four levels of the Community Jackpot; red, silver, gold and platinum. The red jackpot is the lowest one and is worth $500 while the silver one comes next and is worth $1,000. The next level is the gold level and it is worth $5,000 while the platinum is the highest level and is worth $10,000. Whenever someone wins a jackpot as much as $20,000 in prize money is distributed to casino members.Virgin Online Casino $500 Gift Card

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Virgin Online Casino New Jersey
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