Blackjack Odds to Lower House Edge

Blackjack, it’s that one game we’re all familiar with. It’s fun and involves a lot of luck and strategy. Winning isn’t impossible. Often, it requires the right preparation and luck to get you close to that win.

Luckily, once you’re familiar with how to beat the odds, you’re on the road to victory.

If you want to win at blackjack, keep on reading!

We’ll share with you the common game variations of the game. We’ll also teach you some tips to help reduce the house edge!

Together, we can win blackjack even against all odds!

How Blackjack Odds can Help You Win

There are some cases where your preparation doesn’t feel enough. Despite mastering your game plan strategies, why aren’t you still winning?

Definitely it isn’t your lack of skill. It could be for a lot of reasons!

On top of our head, it could be your unfamiliarity with the different odds for blackjack. When the game deviates from the standard gameplay, your strategy won’t work anymore.

That’s exactly why familiarizing yourself with the odds is important in the game of casino blackjack.

Almost all blackjack players share the same goal of winning. Not only that, but they want to maximize their gameplay and get the worth of their bets.

The trick is to understand the different variations that can take place.

Blackjack is a game all too familiar with uncertainty and unfamiliarity. Different factors can influence the game, and your chances of winning can vary in one single move.

Knowing how to play based on the odds before you can help you make the right decisions. You can play your hand better and win!

You might think to yourself, “I’m sure I can wing and win the next round.” That might be true, but we don’t want you to wing it. We want you to win it every single time.

If you play a game of blackjack without any plan, you’ll end up with more losses than wins in the long run.

Why Reducing House Edge is Important

House edge is an important concept for many casino players. It’s especially important for a casino game like blackjack!

It refers to how much casinos keep from the wagers of its players. In most cases, it also determines the blackjack rules or rule variations in play.

Unlike other casino games, blackjack has an advantage in reducing the house edge. Thus, you have more chances of winning!

If you think card counting can help reduce the house edge, you’re wrong.

That only works when you use the basic strategy. Playing with other rule variations proves to be different. You’ll need to have back pocket strategies to ensure your win.

How Rule Variations Influence House Edge

Whenever blackjack rules change, it affects the house edge. Not only that, but it affects the profit of everyone. This is why a lot of players take note of the different variations!

Every game variations have one set of rules. Besides the basic strategy, you’ll also need to know the other rules for each variation.

1. Number of Decks in a Game

Blackjack rules can change based on the number of decks in-game.

When the game uses few decks, the house edge is lower. But, whenever the dealer adds more decks to the game, the house edge goes up.

Because of this, players prefer a match with fewer cards. They have more chances of winning and getting a blackjack. Whereas, the odds of getting a blackjack in a game that uses many decks is lower.

2. Soft 17 Rule

The Soft 17 rule impacts the house edge.

There’s no one rule on whether the dealer can hit or stand on a soft 17. It usually depends on the rules of the casino or the player.

We recommend playing in a match that lets the dealer stand on a soft 17. It lowers the house edge, more beneficial to you.

3. Rules on Double Down and Splitting

Doubling down or splitting affects the percentage of your house edge. If either move is unavailable, the house edge can increase.

Blackjack Odds Strategies

When you use the basic strategy in-game, you only consider the total value of your cards. There’s nothing wrong with playing this strategy, especially if you’re with beginners.

Once you start playing with professionals, sometimes the basic strategy doesn’t work. The game can take a sudden turn, and you’ll feel unfamiliar with the gameplay. What do you do when this happens? Surrendering isn’t an option.

Here are the different tips and strategies to help you win against all the odds in blackjack.

1. C-D Strategy

Have you heard of the composition-dependent (CD) strategy?

CD Strategy isn’t a new concept, and its been around for a long time. With this strategy, players have to pay extra attention to their cards to lower the house edge.

Here are some card scenarios that might take place when playing blackjack.

16 vs Dealer 10

Learning how to play the 16:10 strategy is helpful, because of how frequent it comes up in a game. If there’s one strategy you need to start mastering first, it’s this.

When the dealer hits you with a total card value of 16, what do you do? Surrendering isn’t possible! Even if it is, should you surrender immediately?

If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend doing the following moves:

  • Two-card 16: Hit.
  • Pair of 8’s: Split the two cards.
  • Pair of 8’s after a split: Surrender.
  • Multi-card 16: Stand. When you have three or more cards that equal 16, it’s better to stand. there may be no more small value cards in the deck because most of them are with you.

12 vs Dealer 4

Another variation is when your dealer hits you with a total card value of 12. Basic strategy dictates that it’s better to stand against the dealer in cases like this.

But if you’re playing against all odds, there are four ways you can deal with this.

If you have any of the following two-card combinations, 10-2, 9-3, 8-2, and 7-5, you’re better of playing a hit against your dealer.

But if you have a two-card combination of 9-3, 8-4, and 7-5, we recommend standing.

The total value of your card is 12, and you’re up against the upcard value of your dealer which is 4. What do you do? Easy.

  • Hit: If the cards in your hand range between 2 – 10.
  • Stand: If you’re playing with 4, 6, or 8 decks of card.
  • Split: If you have a pair of 6’s.

15 vs Dealer 10

What if you’re holding a total card value of 15 and your dealer has 10? Is there still a strategy for it? There sure is!

Playing using the basic strategy would suggest that you surrender. But, it isn’t the same for the CD strategy.

  • Play: If you’re holding two cards, 8 & 7, you’re better off at playing them instead of surrendering.
  • Surrender: If your dealer is holding a 10, and you have – 10/5 or 9/6, it’s best to surrender.

2. Hand Interaction

Hand interactions help reduce the house edge. That’s if you know how to play the strategy. A word of warning, using the hand interaction strategy isn’t for lazy players.

There are different reasons why you’d want to use the hand interaction strategy. Whatever the reason, take note that it includes the following:

  • Making side bets on another player’s hand
  • Collaborating with other players that have winning cards
  • Getting profit from the winnings of another player
  • Getting a cut out of other players profit

Tips to Reduce House Edge

Mastering the different odds in blackjack aren’t the only ways for you to reduce the house edge. There are other easy ways without going to Las Vegas and playing against all odds.

Here are some tips to help reduce the house edge for the next time you play against all odds.

1. Rebate Losses

Experienced some losses when you gambled? Try asking for a rebate from your losses! When you play blackjack and ask for a rebate later, you’ll have an edge over the casino.

Don Johnson is a legend when it comes to Loss Rebates. He won millions in Atlantic City against casinos. After experiencing losses in his games, his rebates managed to let him earn more!

2. Casino Complimentary

Want to reduce the house? Get rated and ask for a casino complimentary.

Seasoned casino players get a lot of benefits from the casino. They can get a complimentary buffet, room, among others! But this perk usually depends on how much the player spent in the casino for their games.

Luckily, seasoned players can enjoy this complimentary in blackjack than other games. The complimentary can either cut or exceed the house edge.

Want to be part of the casino comps? Here’s how you can do it.

Get Rated

You can only get rated in the casino after playing a lot of games. Once you do this, the casino will give you a player’s card to grant you access to their club.

Once you have your card, you can hand your card to any deck or roulette wheel games to enjoy the perks. From there, casino personnel will take note of your betting record and know how much comps to give you.

In some casinos, you don’t have to be a frequent player to get a player’s card. You can apply for free and enjoy the basic perks. You can get more perks by playing frequently.

Get More Casino Comps

You can get a lot of comps from the casino, more than what you’re worth and you’re bet.

Take your time playing. A start to getting more comps is by playing in a crowded table than a table with only a few people. Playing in a crowded table takes a longer period and fewer rounds. This means you won’t have to keep betting too much.

Compare this to playing in a table with few players. Each round is so fast that you’ll end up having to bet more each time.

Play games favorable to you. If you have a deck game you enjoy and are good at, play them. You’re more likely to reduce the house edge with games you’re good at. Compare this to one game where you’re unsure of playing.

When you do this, casinos are more likely to give you more comps as a reward for your wins.

Bump your bet. The casino dealer in your table is taking note of your bet. Is it increasing every time or does it remain the same?

The more bets you make the more comps you’ll receive from the casino.

3. Use Casino Coupons

Use gambling coupons in a game of blackjack. They’re useful and beneficial for you. Luckily, there are various gambling coupons you can hand over to your dealer!

Promo chips are the most common and popular coupons given by casinos. They’re rewarded to frequent players and often serve as an incentive.

You can also use promo chips in a game of blackjack. When you win the blackjack game, the dealer rewards you with all the winnings and the value of your promo chip.

Blackjack bonus coupons are also useful things to hand over to your dealer. You receive more than your original bet!


Learning the various rule variations and strategies in blackjack can guarantee your win! Increase your chances of winning against all odds.

If there’s one key takeaway you need to remember, its that no one strategy works. It takes more than one game plan and practices to secure your win.

We hope you enjoyed learning about the different strategies and tips we provided! The next time you experience blackjack odds, we’re sure you can win it. Our tips also make sure you can find ways to reduce the house edge!

Feel free to leave a comment on what you think about our tips and strategies. We can’t wait to hear from you.

What are you waiting for? Win against all odds and make your way to Las Vegas with NJ No Deposit on your team!

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