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Video Strategy

Video Poker Strategy Casino games have never been the same since the entry of video poker way back in the seventies! It’s like you’re playing on slot machines because of its similar computerized console. Unlike your slot machine that relies purely on luck, nifty video poker strategies are still very much needed to gain big […]

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Three Card Guide

How To Play 3 Card Poker In most casino games, you’re up against different opponents. Three card poker is a popular casino game where you play against only one opponent, the house. You’ll find players flocking to the 3 card poker table. It’s an easy and fun game with rules similar to the original poker. […]

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Terminology of Poker Are you a beginner at poker? I’m sure you felt quite strange during your first few games. There’s a lot of poker terms and phrases that are unfamiliar to anyone who has not played the game at all. It has evolved through the years, especially with online poker gaining a lot of […]

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What are the rules of poker? P O K E R. It’s that one game every card player enjoys. Whether you play online poker or in the casino, poker rules are the same! If you haven’t acquainted yourself with the proper poker rules, you’re in luck. We’re here to give you a rundown of the […]

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Hand Variance Control

How to Play Poker Hands Ever watched the World Series of Poker on TV? Fun right? The poker community has been growing daily, mainly because everyone just can’t get enough of this intense strategy-filled card game! Online poker and land-based casinos alike are packed with poker players ready to get in on those cash games […]

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How To Count Cards

How To Count Cards In Blackjack There are many skills available for you to learn, so you can take your blackjack games up a notch.  To be a profitable blackjack player, card counting is a technique you should master. Counting cards is a great skill you can use to know when the odds are in your favor. […]

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How to Play

How to Play Poker Strategy Whether you’re new to playing poker or not, this article is for you! Every poker player looks forward to a good game. It’s always fun to watch how others play their cards and the strategies they use. There’s so much to watch out for in poker! As early as now, […]

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Play Online

Online Casino Poker Online poker has been enjoyed by a multitude of players worldwide. You’ll not be surprised to find the poker community growing in number, as you can play a poker game variety any time of the day or night! Poker tournaments range in size from ten to thousands of players in on the […]

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Pennsylvania Officially Legalizes Online Gambling

Pennsylvania officially becomes 4th state to legalize online gambling.
Earlier today, AP Reporter Marc Levy twitted that Governor Wolf has signed H 271 bill. A bill which legalizes online gambling within the borders of Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill: FAQ and Expert Review

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Senate and House of Representative passed H 271 bill which is set to legalize online gambling within the state borders. We are keen to set things straight and figure out what is the future of online gambling in Pennsylvania.

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Pennsylvania Online Gambling Bill Passed

Until Wednesday, Oct 25th online gambling was illegal in Pennsylvania. However, a bill that legalized online gambling and online poker was passed by Pennsylvania Senate on Wednesday and passed by Pennsylvania House on Thursday. Many consider this to bthe biggestst gambling expansion since the state legalized land based gambling a decade ago.

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