Guide To Roulette Bankroll Management

Most players think they can win against the casino by managing their money system.

This is a major misconception.

As long as casinos have the edge, no money management system or betting strategy can go against them.

But, there is a way for you to enjoy the thrill of the game without wagering too much or too little of your money.

Are you eager to become a successful roulette player? In this guide, we’ll show how you can apply bankroll money management to your playing style.

How Roulette Bankroll Works

When you’re in the thrill of the moment in a casino game, it’s easy to bet all your money. If you have the mileage to go on for a couple more games, it’s an opportunity to win big.

When you go to the casino, you have a certain funds that are allotted for playing. These funds you’ve set aside for betting is your bankroll.

Your bankroll serves as the mileage for you to go on with playing. Because you put these funds at risk of loss, these should be separated into another bank account.

Which means you must never gamble with the money used for your bills and personal assets.

If you’re wondering how much you should put into your bankroll, it’s best to regularly set aside a small amount. This saves you from cashing out personal assets.

Playing roulette, like other online casino games, has a negative outcome. This means that the stakes of losing are higher due to the house edge.

This is why for long as you play roulette, you should continue to deposit into your bankroll.

Tips For Roulette Bankroll Management

It takes great bankroll management skills for you to enjoy playing roulette. Bankroll management is not about managing the money flow and how much you’re willing to bet.

It also means using strategies to sustain your lifeline when playing. Additionally, knowing how to manage your money up against the house edge.

Here are some bankroll management tips you can apply to make the most out of online roulette:

Even Money Bets

Starting out with even money bets is one of the best ways to maintain a good amount in your bankroll. 

Even money bets have a 1 to 1 payoff. Although they are risky, they have a high payoff.

Let’s say you bet 100 dollars and win. You win 100 dollars and get your stake back. That totals to 200 dollars returned to you.

There’s a higher possibility of winning when you bet on 1 to 18 or 19-36, regardless of black or red chips.

Still, even money doesn’t mean you have a 50-50 chance of winning. For European roulette, your odds of winning are at 47.4%. For American roulette, even lower at 44.8%.

This means you can expect to lose more with American roulette than European roulette.

If you’re a risk-taker, the stakes are high once you win. You can then wager an even larger amount with your winnings.

Once you lose from a risky bet, it’s safer to go back to even money bets to maintain your bankroll.

If you’re the cautious type, you can split your bankroll into two and set aside 25% for riskier bets. 

Many roulette players use this strategy, so they don’t lose their entire bankroll in a short time.

Tracing Wins And Losses

For those who play roulette, you might be familiar with low risk and high-risk bets. Whichever you choose depends on your bankroll and how much money you’re willing to risk.

Outside bets offer a lower payout when winning, but your chances of winning are better. Whereas, inside bets offer a higher payout with a lower chance of winning.

Making outside bets is a good strategy for those who want longer games of online roulette. Inside bets are better for those who have an inexhaustible bankroll.

Let’s say you are a cautious player, and your bankroll is down to 25% without achieving your target win. It’s best to shift to making inside bets that result in a higher payout for you

If luck happens to be on your side, continue to place six number bets. You may face some losses and risk some of your bankroll, but the stakes are rewarding once you win.

Because of the house edge, it’s possible for inside and outside bets to drain your money at the same rate. These happen in different ways, over time.

This is why it’s important for you to trace your wins and losses because the pattern is inconsistent. Also, make sure you always track your chip balance as you continue to play.

Why Bankroll Money Management Is Good For You

We’ve discussed what the purpose of your bankroll is. Here’s an example of how important bankroll management is for roulette players:

Let’s say you have a disposable amount of $250 monthly for online roulette. You think 25 dollars is a comfortable amount for you to bet.

If you play with a 250-dollar bankroll start, 25 dollars puts you at a higher risk of losing funds quickly.

For those who are quick to redeposit their funds, 25 dollars may seem like a high return in winnings.

If you want to manage your roulette bankroll well, you can start with a monthly deposit of 250 dollars. 

Assuming you continue this for six months, you’ll have 1,500 dollars in your bankroll to play roulette.

You can only bet a small amount from your wager at a time. This allows you more leeway for losses without losing your entire bankroll.

With consistent deposit and better bankroll management, you can enjoy playing roulette. Even if it means dealing with a few losses.

What Are My Playing Limits?

Before you log in to an online casino, make sure you have a good idea of how much money you’re willing to risk per gaming session.

Starting with 10% of your entire roulette bankroll is safe. You can make this your loss limit, which is an indicator of when you should stop playing.

If you are the cautious type, you can bet 5% or lower your bankroll funds at a time. This limits your need to redeposit anytime you want to play roulette.

Let’s say you have a 1000 dollar bankroll, and you would bring 100 dollars to online roulette. 

If you start with a 5 dollar bet per game, that’s enough to provide you a long roulette session. 

If your session sees that you lose 100 dollars, do not continue playing. 

A wise way to manage your bankroll is by giving yourself some time before you can play again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question #1: What is a session stake?

Answer: A session stake is the amount of money you’re willing to risk for a single roulette session.

Question #2: What is a daily stake?

Answer: A daily stake is the session stake times the number of sessions you plan to play in a day.

Question #3: What is a weekly stake?

Answer: A weekly stake is the amount of money you set aside for a longer roulette session at the casino.

Question #4: What are the general patterns of winning and losing when making inside bets?

Answer: Making inside bets is a high risk, high payout outcome. It has a 35 to 1 payout, which means you will expect to lose more than winning.

This is best for players who have more bankroll funds to fuel their roulette sessions. In the end, the house edge reduces your total wager.

Question #5: What are the general patterns of winning and losing when making outside bets?

Answer: The chances of winning from outside bets are higher. You will win some and lose some, but be down by the house edge over some sessions.

This is best for players who wish to enjoy longer sessions of roulette.


When playing online roulette, bankroll management is specific to the player himself. Only they can set the wager they’re most comfortable with.

It will also depend on how much money from their entire bankroll they want to bet on.

Some roulette players place big bets to seize bigger wins but may lose their entire bankroll. 

Others are more cautious players, raking in small wins without losing much of their bankroll.

As long as you have reserved funds to make up for your lost bankroll, this will help you survive better in roulette. For more tips continue to look around on

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