Can You Predict Roulette Trends?

Most roulette players are no strangers to betting trends. Some players bet along the trends and win successively. 

Others take a gamble by betting against the trends, thinking they’ll hit.

There are two ways to go about trend betting, either you bet on a continuing streak or a streak that breaks.

Can you use a roulette trend to your advantage? Read on as I show you how trend betting works and which betting strategies you can use to win better!

What Is The Best Bet In Roulette?

In random games like roulette, hitting can happen at any time. There’s no way one decision influences the result of your next move.

If you’re lucky, it’s possible to win by betting on a continuing streak. For every roulette wheel spin, each result is independent of one another.

This means you cannot use trends to ensure your wins in the next play. Each decision you make has no effect on the future results of the game.

When you follow or go against trends in random games, this isn’t a sure-win strategy. Additionally, you can never predict these trends to win against the casino edge.

It’s a common misconception to think trend betting can help you win money over time. You can establish a betting system that will serve as a guide for when you play.

Remember, the goal is not to outsmart its randomness or to predict when it’ll hit. But rather, to help you reduce your losing expectations.

Here are some betting strategies you can apply to playing roulette:

Even Money Bets

Whether you like it or not, expect you’ll be riding along wins and losses in roulette games. Regardless of even or odd bets, the casino edge remains the same.

Most players would opt for even money bets, even in a Martingale system. It’s simple in nature, which is why it’s favored by most beginners.

Even the most experienced players win streaks while placing their bets on even money. Here are those bets as follows:

  • Red/Black
  • Odd/Even
  • High/Low

When a casino allows ‘surrender’ or the en prison rule, this reduces the house edge by half, and you can use it to your advantage.

With the rule in play, you don’t lose money from betting on even money if the result is a zero. 

The bet is still effective in the next spin, and it’s retrievable. But once your bet turns out successful, you’ll earn no extra winnings.

Red or Black

Most players would ask, is there a trend or a pattern to hitting red/black? When you look at the results of each roulette spin over time, a trend or a streak becomes clearer.

This is not to say you can outsmart its randomness by predicting the pattern. You can’t make a decision based on what happens after they spin the roulette wheel 100 times.

You can only make a decision from one spin at a time. Here’s what you can do:

Step 1: When the roulette wheel hits on one same color twice, bet on that color. For example, if there are two successive reds from every spin, make a bet on red.

If you win by betting along red, continue making that bet until you lose. Once you lose, observe the next few spins and see which same color makes a consecutive hit.

Step 2: If you want to bet against the streak, see first which same color makes two consecutive hits. For example, if there are two successive reds, bet on black in the next spin.

Counter Trend

This technique involves betting against the streak. But how would we know when it’s safe to counter-trend?

Counter trending happens when you want to bet against the winning color streak. For example, if red wins for the first and second spin, bet on black in the next.

If the roulette wheel hits red on the third spin, you lose. Once this happens, sit it out at the roulette table to see which color hits next.

If it still hits red, bet again on black in the next spin. The pattern of counter-trend continues like this, and you can only ride against the wins and losses.

The key when it comes to counter trending is that you make one bet against the winning streak. Always wait for two successive hits of the same color before making a bet against it.

You can counter trend when making odd/even and high/low wagers.

Is There A Winning Strategy For Roulette?

We’ve discussed how there are only two decisions you can make in trend betting. It’s either you go along or go against it.

No matter which system you choose to play, the house edge doesn’t differ. Still, there are strategies and opportunities you can use to reduce your losses.

Outside Betting

These are the bets that sit outside of the inside bets on a roulette table. For outside bets on even money, there’s a 1-1 winning payout.

For dozens and columns, it pays out 2-1. When going through various bet selections, it’s good to start with outside bets.

Not only are you able to make lower bets, but the risk that comes with it is lower.

Any casino that you go to will offer the opportunity to play outside bets. You can play these bets in European roulette, French roulette, and with the La Partage rule.

Every-Other-Spin Wagering

When players hit a losing streak, it can become disastrous. Most especially when they wage more to make up for their losses.

The good thing about roulette is that you only make one bet at a time. This means if you make a bet that loses, you can sit it out before betting again.

When you wage during every other spin, it cuts your expected losses by half. This is if you play at an optimal rate.

For example, you can make serious money from winning in combination bets. But combination bets have fewer total numbers in them.

Which is why it’s likely that you encounter a losing streak more times than winning. When you wage during every other spin, you can change the pattern of your wins and losses.

The odds will remain the same. But because you wage less, you can recover better from fewer losses compared to losing a bet in every spin.

Stop Playing Once You Win Big

I cannot stress enough how the length of your play doesn’t determine when you’ll win. If you spin the wheel enough times, there’s a chance that you’ll be able to see the pattern.

You can only bet once per spin, which is why you should manage your wins and losses. When you hit a losing streak, it’s wiser to stop than fuel your games with a higher bet.

Before you play roulette, set a profit target and a stop loss amount. Once you’ve achieved your profit target, stop playing, and walk home with your winnings.

The same applies to losses. If you’ve hit your stop loss, you should stop until you’ve recovered enough funds to play at another time.

What Numbers Hit Most In Roulette?

Some trend bettors believe certain numbers will most likely hit. We can never tell the mystery behind the lucky number trend in roulette.

Among other numbers, 17 is famous for holding many accounts of staggering wins. It’s also in the center of the roulette wheel.

Other lucky numbers most players like to bet on are 7, 3, 8, and 19. Some players have also won big by betting on zero.

Again, there is no solid proof to show how many times the wheel hits on these numbers. The trend on lucky numbers is only usually associated with superstitious beliefs.

Final Note

I hope this guide gives you more insights into roulette trends. When you hit the casino to play, you might encounter some trend bettors.

Don’t let them fool you that trend betting is the only strategy you use to win on roulette systems. Remember to take it with a grain of salt and don’t forget to snag an exclusive code on our other NJNoDeposit pages.

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