Slot Machines with Best Payouts

If it’s your first time encountering casinos, slot machines are especially fun to play. They’re entertaining and thrilling at the same time.

Not just that, but it’s the perfect game to start with for first-timers.

Undeniably, almost everyone who frequents casinos tried their luck in slot machines. Why? Cause they’re so much fun!

Imagine all the thrill you get when you’re about to test your luck in casino slot machines. This is very different from table games, where you sit down and wait for your turn.

Today, we’ll teach you how to find the best slot machines that offer the best payouts! What are you waiting for? Keep reading, and start winning!

Getting Started

One of the significant differences between slot and card games is strategy making. There really isn’t a lot of strategy making involved with slot machines.

Compare this with card games, which require a lot of strategies!

If your strategies can win you big in card games, well, it’s not the same for slot machines.

A casino slot machine is purely a game of chance and luck.

Throw away the strategies you have! All you’ll need is a big stroke of good luck!

Nevertheless, you can still win in slot machines. Of course, this will mean you’ll have to use a small form of strategy.

Even more significant than some card games! How? Look for slot machines with big payouts!

Tips to Finding Slot Machines that Hit

Slot machines are always a hit!

Whether you play in an online casino or live in Las Vegas, it’s a game for everyone.

It’s popular because a single moment can change your life. A small bet can win you huge money!

It’s easy and straightforward, the rules aren’t that complicated. No wonder first-timers flock towards it!

But it isn’t just first-timers who enjoy this game. Even seasoned players try their luck at a slot game. The only difference is that these experienced players have unlocked the secret. Want to know what these secrets are?

Today, we’ll fast forward things for you. You can skip the lengthy process of trying every slot machine out there.

You don’t have to test your luck on each one of them! We’ll teach you how to find the best slot machines that hit and pay the most.

Tip 1: Choose based on the “Return to Player Percentage”

Regardless of the casino game you play, your goal is to always earn more.

The measure of this is often based on the payout percentage. The same concept applies to slot machine games, whether you do online gaming or not.

Many new players make the mistake of thinking that all slot machines are the same. They’re not!

Whether you play online slots or not, the one thing you’ll need to learn is how to pick the best slots. How do you find them? You can find them based on their payout percentages.

Not a lot of people will tell you this, but the key to winning at slots is finding machine slots with a high payout percentage.

Why? For one, you’re more likely to win the jackpot!

Slot machines that have a high return to player (RTP) percentage have a higher chance of slot play out.

Make sure to choose slot machines that have a high RTP percentage. So before you sit down and find your slot machine, ask yourself, “Does this machine have a high RTP percentage?”

Tip #2: Watch out for online announcements and threads

This tip is somewhat old school, but it works! If you want to know which casinos have the best slots, ask your community.

There’s a community for gamblers online! Being part of this community has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to learning about secrets.

To find the best slots with big payouts, ask your community! Most likely, there’s already a thread about that topic.

You’d want to read about what people are saying about these games. Not only that, but you’ll also know which slot machine to avoid.

You can also provide value to the community by sharing your own experience!

Remember, there are a lot of satisfied players who are eager to share their experiences online. For example, in places like Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or Macau, there will always be a discussion about it.

At least the next time you visit these places, you’ll have some knowledge with you! This can help you in the future!

Tip #3: Compare Casinos

You may not enjoy going through the lengthy process of reading online threads or announcements, so we suggest doing your own work.

Believe it or not, but doing some research about slot developers is helpful. This is especially true for first-time slot players.

You can start by comparing casinos! You can visit websites of online casinos or standard casinos, and the games they offer.

There are also various websites today that have already reviewed the slots of casinos! It can significantly cut down the job ahead of you. The results? You’ll know which machine slot is perfect for your win!

Tip #4: Research Game Developers

Slot machines are made by game developers. So there’s always this one developer who has slots that have a high payout.

Once you’ve discovered who these are, you’ll know which machine slots to watch out for.

It all starts with a little research. It will get you very far, and help you find the slots which are likely to hit.

Once you’ve unlocked who the developers are, you’ll start noticing that there’s a trend.

Pay close attention to which slot machines have a high payout percentage. Who developed them?

Slot machines made by the same developer is most likely to have another machine that has a high payout percentage.

It’s a matter of being patient enough and trying to look for these machines.

Tip #5: Avoid a slot machine that hardly hits

Sometimes, no matter how hard and how long you play, you just won’t hit. Are you out of luck? Is the machine defective?

The answer isn’t either of those.

It just happens that you’re playing on a machine that hardly hits. It’s one of those machines that sprouts a jackpot only once in a decade.

It’s that one machine in casinos where the seats are dusty and unused. It’s that one frequent machine players know to be notorious.

Avoid these types of machines at all times! Luckily, you won’t be experiencing this with online casinos.

This tip is another one of those that you need to remember. You might get carried away once you start playing casino games, and forget all about this!

Don’t play at slot machines that hardly pay! But these machines aren’t all that bad. If any, they could be helpful for you!

Once you know which machines are notoriously bad, you can narrow down your search! You’ll be able to identify which slots have a high payout percentage!

Tip #6: Check the volatility of the slots

Casinos and players all look at the volatility of a game. The volatility of a slot machine is an essential factor for your win.

It measures the risks involved each time you play.

Doing this is especially important because you want to know what you’re up against. You don’t want to play in games that are too risky because you might lose a lot!

Besides watching out for the payout percentage of slot machines, you also need to pay attention to the game’s risk factor. It’s one way to determine your chances of winning at slots.

You can picture it this way:

  • Low Volatility Slots: If you want to feel like a winner, we suggest playing on low volatility slot machines. It provides more chances of winning! It’s also a lot easier for you to land on a winning combination. It’s a picture out of the movie where you see first timers winning in slot machines. It may be fun to play, but the wins are relatively small. You win, but not as much.
  • High Volatility Slots: More serious players go for high volatility slots. This type is also famous for an online casino. All you’ll have to do is be patient and wait. You’ll need to invest some time and money with this one, but the rewards are worth it. You’ll need to sit down and wait for the win in an online gaming session. But, a word of caution, this type is a lot riskier! Nevertheless, the payout percentage is high! It’s a lot more rewarding than low volatility slots.

Regardless of the type you choose, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Either type of slot is also popular, so you won’t have a hard time finding casinos that have slots like them! Whether you check out an online casino, there’s always a slot for you!

Maximizing Slot Machine Payouts

Playing slots sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? But we hate to break it to you. You’re more likely to lose a lot when you play slots, compared to other games.

It’s a game of pure chance, and you don’t really know when you’ll win. Sometimes, you won’t even notice how much you’ve already lost!

We don’t want that happening to you anymore. We can’t help you win, but we can help you maximize your payouts!

There’s always a way to minimize your losses while having a good time! So don’t worry because we’re here to help you.

Today, we’ll be discussing the different ways for you to maximize your returns and minimize your losses.

Bet Maximum Coins

Several casinos encourage a lot of players to bet on maximum coins. Should you follow their advice? The answer depends on the slot machine you’re playing.

For example, you receive a higher payback percentage if you play on live slots that have three-mechanical reels.

While in some video slots, the payback percentage is the same whether you bet the minimum or maximum amount.

Which between the two should you choose?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

Three-Reel Mechanical Slots

You get a higher payback percentage if you bet max coins on three-reel mechanical slots. But, it’s not all the time that betting max is such a good idea.

To help you understand how it works, let’s take a look at the different kinds of mechanical-reel slot machines.


If you join a multiplayer game, your win is proportional to how much you bet. It’s the same concept as payoffs. You receive an equivalent amount of payoff depending on your wager.

Here’s how we can help you visualize it. Imagine betting three coins at the start. Your payoff in the end, if you win, is triple the initial amount!

Having that in mind, you’ll notice that there’s no difference in the payback percentage. Regardless of the coins you bet, the payback percentage is the same.

Why is that important for you as the player? Well, there’s nothing to incentivize you to bet the max coins.

Nevertheless, there are three-reel mechanical slots that incentivize you.

How? By having a big jump in the jackpot! Now, who wouldn’t want to try their luck in that?

When this is the case, betting maximum coins is worth it. It has a proportionate payoff than multiplier games.

Higher payout percentage

Now that you know there are some slot machines with significant payout percentages, does that mean you should bet max coin?

Not all the time. Remember, even though you’re receiving high payout percentages, you’re still losing!

At the end of the day, your average losses are still higher! It’s because you’re risking and losing more money.

The payout percentages vary from game to game. What you need to look at is the risk of betting more only to have a high payback percentage.

As much as possible, you don’t want to end up risking more than you initially planned to. Unknowingly, you might even be opening yourself up to more risk! You don’t want that.

Buy-A-Pay slots

When you play on a buy-a-pay slot, you have a chance to unlock the potential pay of the game.

For example, you could win on the center reel with one bet. Win on the top line with two bets. Or win on the bottom line with three bets!

Video Slots

Things are a lot different when you play on a five-reel video slot. For one, payout percentages are different!

The paybacks are typically proportional to the coins you wager. Not only that, but you don’t have to expect a big jackpot jump when you want to bet max coins.

Win eligibility

There’s no incentive to bet max coins in video slot games, per line! But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have an edge when you do.

If you bet on every pay line, you have a good chance of winning free spins, pick-a-symbol, or others!

You can play and take advantage of the bonus events, without worrying about making extra wagers.

When you do this, you’re able to maximize your payouts! Not only that, but you’re eligible for the other bonuses the play slots offer.

Scouting Progressive Jackpots

If you want to ensure high payout percentages, here’s what you can do:

  • Bet max coins on three-reel slots; and
  • Cover all paylines on video slots.

But there’s one thing you should know, doing this won’t overcome the house edge. Remember, the odds of every game is designed for the house to profit.

No matter how big your bet is, the game you’re playing, and the casino you’re in, the house will always win.

So how do you know which machine to choose? We’ll teach you how to scout for progressive jackpots. It’s fun and has some benefits for itself!

Scouting jackpots

Slots typically start with a base jackpot amount. The base amount increases only when a player places a bet!

This is why it’s called progressive jackpot! The amount progresses each time. So how do you scout for the best progressive jackpots?

Well, let’s take an example! If a player wins the jackpot, a player who scouts won’t play on that table. Why?

The jackpot is at its very minimum! What the scout does instead, is to look for a table where the jackpot is high.

If not that, at least there’s a decent and average payout on the slots. Scouting for progressive jackpots can be laborious. You’ll have to hunt for the best slot machine and keep track of the amount.

It might require more time and effort. But, who wouldn’t want to receive a high jackpot or at least an average payout? That sounds like a sweet deal!

“Must Win By” games

There’s no sure way for players to know a game’s payout percentage. Not just that, but there’s no way for players to know how much the jackpot contributes to the whole amount.

You might notice that there are some slot machines that have an indicator.

It indicates when the jackpot can be awarded at a certain level. Often, these jackpots are separate from the main game itself. However, they’re a lot of fun to play, and you have more chances of winning.

Winning the jackpot is easy. You can win it if your wagers push to the whole amount a random number generator selects.

For example, the random number generator selects 10 as the “Must win by” jackpot. You won’t know this number, which makes it a game of pure chance. When you wager 10, then the jackpot is yours!

Ideally, you want to wager as close to the “Must win by” amount. When you do, it increases your chances of winning the next time you play.

Banked Bonuses

We’ve mentioned earlier that it’s hard to change the house edge in favor of the casino. However, we never said it’s not possible.

On rare occasions, there are some slots casino machines use, whose house edge favors the player. These games have banked bonuses.

How do players profit from these? Each time a player leaves with the completed bonuses remain for the next player.

When every player starts a new build for the bonus, you’ll have an edge.

We hate to break it to you, but banked bonus slots are hard to find.

Today, most games with banked bonuses are on online casinos. So if you want to try your chance at banked bonuses, play online slots!

Building Awards

Have you ever wondered why there’s this one person concentrated on one slot machine? That’s because they’re waiting for the award.

You’d be surprised at how lucky some players get. Imagine winning all the coins in the bank! But, is it really because of pure luck? Not exactly!

There’s no strategy to it. Instead, all you need is a ton of patience.

You have to look for the perfect slot machine which offers the most coins as a reward. Once you’ve found it, lock your target and play! Play until you get the reward.

What to Avoid When Playing Slots

Now that you know the helpful tips to win at slots, we’ll tell you what not to do! Whether you’re playing with an online slots community, remember to mind your manners.

We understand that slots could get competitive at some point. So competitive that players are willing to go low and cheat the entire system! Now that’s a no-no!

Here are some things you’d want to avoid doing when you play slots!

String Theory

You’ve seen it in movies, series, and even cartoons. The string theory never gets old, even for arcade games.

Scammers seem to think that it’s the easiest way to scam the machine, get free spins, and maybe win!

Well, there’s some truth behind how easy this scam is. It’s so easy all you’ll need is a coin and a string.

Believe it or not, but scammers would tie a string on a coin and trick the machine!

The machine will give the player some credits to play, and the scammer pulls the coin out! Now that’s a scam!

We’re not teaching you how to do it. Instead, we’re here to convince you otherwise!

In places notoriously popular for gambling like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, many have already tried this! They got caught and earned their punishments.

Slugs and Fake Coins

Back in the day, it was a lot easier to scam a machine, even in Las Vegas. You can insert a fake coin, and the machine will accept it!

Today, that’s a lot harder for you to do. And when you try it, expect to be under a lot of trouble. So don’t!

Machines today have coin recognition software that can distinguish fake coins from real ones! You won’t be getting any of your free spins anytime soon.

Magnetic Force

Don’t deny it, at least once in your life, you’ve tried pulling this trick. Whether you did it in the arcade or the casino, you know how this works.

Cheaters would use a magnet to stop the win! They can make the wheel land anywhere they want, and jackpot! An instant winning combination!

Luckily, casinos have outgrown this problem. No more free spins for you! Many machines have advanced systems to prevent magnets from affecting the wheels!

Inside Job

Inside jobs are harder to pull off, especially in a casino. Casinos are secretive and strict in itself.

So imagine all the obstacles you’d have to go through just to get inside. It’s not worth it. If you plan on it, don’t!

We can’t begin to imagine the trouble you’ll get into! You’ll even risk being banned for the rest of your life to come to a casino!

Would you want to do that to yourself? We know you don’t!

Don’t Steal Someone’s Win

You do not want to be that person who steals someone’s win. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of cheaters out there.

They wait in the shadows of someone playing in the slots for a long time! Once that person leaves for a short break, they step in and steal the win!

How exactly do they steal it? Well, they ruin the hard work and set up the previous player.

They don’t play as many coins! All they do is wait for one player to make the mistake of leaving, and strike!

Final Words

Whether you play online slot or physically in a casino, this review is for you! The next time you play on a slot machine, you already know what to watch out for!

You can outsmart the game and be one of the best slot players there is. It isn’t just luck that you need when you play on a slot machine! Sometimes, all you need is your brains!

We hope you enjoyed this article! Please feel free to share it with your fellow player. Who knows, they might learn a thing or two. For other articles like this, look here for more.

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